The start of another memorable journey- “ASIA TRIP 2011”

Welcome on board everyone…

Finally, all full-time and (2nd year) part-time MIMers arrived in Japan safely and happily! We had a very pleasant flight operated by Delta Air Lines. It has been super awesome to travel with a bunch of friends. Even it was difficult to take a nap during our flight because it was still daytime in Portland, ten hours seemed to be way shorter when you have a couple friends to talk, laugh, and practice your language skills with… For me, it was my greatest flight EVER…

Now, it is a beautiful night in Tokyo… We can see the famous landmark called “Tokyo Tower” from our hotel. Some MIMers plan to take it easy tonight because of jet-lag. Some MIMers plan to go out to explore Tokyo and try original Japanese foods. Some Japanese language students can’t wait to challenge their language skills with the real Japanese. And, some shopaholic MIMers are more than ready to go shopping now! Yup, me either, I am also ready to go out, walk around, and say KO-BAN-WA (Good Evening) to Tokyo and then call it a night by saying O-YA-SU-MI-NA-SAI (Good night) to everyone…

This is just a brief blog to let everyone know that our journey named “Asia Trip” is starting now! We will try our best to keep you guys updated!

“IT-TE KI-MA-SU” (we will go and come back soon!)

MIMers in the sky!!

At Narita Airport, Tokyo

Finally, we arrived at Prince Hotel!

Big fans of Japanese Milk Tea!


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