America Plus Today, MIM Tomorrow!

Portland State University’s Master of International Management program loves to keep tabs on alumni because they are always doing great things. In a few weeks MIIM 2009 alumni David Hubbard will be teaching a class for Portland State University’s America Plus program. This program is one of the International Special Programs offered through PSU’s Office of International Affairs. The America Plus program is a four-week class offered twice a year for foreign students and focuses on improving English language skills, intercultural communication, American business and American culture.

This spring Hubbard’s class will consist of mostly Japanese undergraduate business students mainly from Meiji University in Japan. Students enrolled in the America Plus program can look forward to practicing English speaking skills and learning about American business and culture in structured class settings four to five days a week. In addition, students get the benefit of being immersed in American language and culture through Portland host families and a variety of excursions that involve shopping, sports events and business tours.

Hubbard has recruited six Master of International Management students to participate in a student panel for his America Plus class. The MIM student panel will offer their thoughts on what it is like to be a graduate business student from the American and international student perspective. Participating students include full time MIM students Naoki Hirai from Japan, Will Vasa from Thailand, Ryan Dunn from the U.S., and part time MIM students Lisa Stensby from the U.S., David Kiser from the U.S. (who will have the opportunity to practice his intermediate Japanese language skills in Hubbard’s class!) and Ali Mondragon also from the U.S.

Hubbard reports that his class “went crazy with excitement” to hear that MIM students were coming to speak to them. The MIM students are equally excited to meet Japanese undergraduate business students! Hopefully the American Plus students will follow in our footsteps and become fellow MIMers in the future!


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