MIM Lunar New Year Celebration

One of the most important event of MIM program is the Lunar New Year Celebration.

This event has been organized every year. It opens to public so people can come watch the current MIM students welcome in the lunar new year with cultural Chinese and Japanese presentations.

This year, we have a lot of awesome activities during the event. We start the good moment with a welcome speech by our beloved program director, Dr. Cliff Allen. Then, Jackie Wang, current MIM student from China, presented how people in Northern China (his hometown) celebrate the new year, as well as Evan Chang and Jane Chen, the students from Taiwan, who presented what taiwanese people do during the new year.

After those interest presentations, there was the traditional chinese show, Lion Dance, which was super impressive. Then, all students from MIM language classes (both japanese and chinese) celebrated the chinese new year with many beautiful japanese and chinese songs.

After all, there was a raffle competition. Some luckier people got, “Hong Bao”, the red envelope with money, and some lucky people got traditional gifts from China. During the event, we also served various kinds of delicious chinese and japanese foods- dumpling, noodles, sushis, for example. So, everyone had a good time enjoying traditional foods and shows. And, yessssss!!! they went home with a big smile 😀

Welcome Speech by Dr. Cliff Allen


Student presentation (From left- Jackie Wang, Evan Chang, and Jane Chen)

Chinese Traditional Show, “Lion Dance”


Japanese songs by Japanese class


Chinese songs by Chinese class


Enjoy eating!


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