Expand Your Professional Connections: NW China Council

One of the quick exercises Julee Moree, PSU Graduate Business Programs Career Management Specialist, has attendees at her career lecture series complete is a worksheet called “Career Savvy.” It consists of 19 questions related to career and job search that one must complete, but the catch is she only gives you about 10 seconds to complete each question! Question number eight on the list: What are three professional associations or industry organizations that can help you expand your professional connections?

Most people did not have an answer for this question. It is difficult to come up with ideas when you are only given 10 seconds to think about it. However, the point of this exercise is that if you had to leave a question blank then you have clearly not given enough thought to this topic, in general. After the fact, I was able to come up with a few organizations and one of them is the NW China Council.

I have actually been a regular attendee of NW China Council events for the past year now. NW China Council is a wonderful way to stay connected to local business professionals and students who are interested in China. As stated on the NW China Council’s membership brochure, “The NW China Council connects its business members to individuals and organizations involved in China trade on both sides of the Pacific. Tapping into the Council’s many resources will better position your organization to understand one of the world’s most complex and dynamic economies.” Besides offering resources such as Chinese language classes, translation and interpretation services, and regular news and information related to China business, the council also holds lectures and networking events.

In addition, Michael Bloom, President of Sinotech, is on the NW China Council’s Board of Directors. I have seen him at every NW China Council event that I have attended over the past year. Bloom is a great supporter of the MIM program. He is an advisor on MIM International Business Research Projects (AKA MIM “Exit Projects”) and it just so happens that his daughter, who is starting a new job in Shanghai (congrats to her!), is a MIM alumni. Sinotech recently had a job opening and Bloom naturally turned to the MIM program to fill the position.

So, make it a goal to get involved in a few professional associations or industry organizations that can help you expand your professional connections! Start with the NW China Council and plan to attend one of their upcoming events (everyone is very nice there). Make sure to introduce yourself to Michael Bloom, Cathy Chin, Board President (Chin was recently elected to this position that Bloom formerly held for years), and John Wong, the NW China Council’s office manager who will be there to greet you at each event. Tell them that the PSU MIM program sent you.



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5 responses to “Expand Your Professional Connections: NW China Council

  1. David Kiser

    Great lecture today and I couldn’t agree more on the networking advantages of being involved with NW China Council. I hope I can attend future events.

  2. Jeramie Bloom

    Thank you for your warm regards. I am certainly looking forward to moving to Shanghai and I have met multiple individuals from both the MIM and NWCC that have offered sound advise for the relocation. I be sure to continue my connection to both organizations in the years to come.


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