The Social Network: Small innovation can change the world!

Does only a GENIUS can create the world biggest innovation?

Have you ever thought that your idea, which are popped up when you are in the classes or hang out with your buddies in a bar, can become the world biggest innovation in the future?

 Think about ten years ago without the thing called “Social Networks”, how can you create a connection with people and keep updating about your old friends’ life?

And, for some people, think about life without Facebook, how can you survive?!!


 “The Social Network” is a film based on Mark Zuckerberg’s life and his famous FACEBOOK’s history. Right now, Mark is only 26 years old but he has become the Person of the Year 2010 by Time magazine. It is unbelievable but believable because of the popularity of Facebook and its impact on how people live nowadays… Especially, the person like me who cannot stay alive without facebook!

Even though there are some controversial issues about “social network” such as the lack of personal privacy and the absence of face-to-face interactions, “Social Network” has become more and more powerful in most countries around the world. Some people use it to create new connections with strangers either for personal or professional reasons. Some people use it to strengthen relationships with friends, family, or lover. And, some people use it to play online games…  Because “Social Network” can strongly response to different personal needs, the number of its member has sharply increased over the time.

Personally, I believe that “Social Network” has a robust impact to my life. Sometimes I use Facebook posts/chat/messages instead of making a call or sending text message to people. Yes, they have no cost so who will not prefer using them to contact people, especially the ones who use Smartphone, right?!! Facebook also helps me get back in contact with my long lost friends. Anyhow, even privacy is not my big concern, I am somehow afraid that one day I would be more comfortable to chat online than to meet people offline (face-to-face). Yes… I am a bit conservative and still believe that “Face-to-Face interaction” is the big part of Human life!


So, how about you guys? How much has “Social Network” changed your everyday life? How many hours per day that you spend surfing around “Social Network”? And, how many hours per day that you spend talking with people in person? Do you think there is any significant difference between those ways of communication?!!


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