It is Never too Soon for Career Planning in the MIM Program

As a grad student it is never too soon to take advantage of career planning assistance offered by PSU’s Graduate Business Career Management Resources services. As a MIM student, the time to take advantage of these services is NOW because the MIM program is an accelerated program that is only 15-months for full time students and 27-months for part time students.

Today there was a nice turnout of part time and full time MIM students as well as MIM alumni to listen to Julie Moree’s Career Seminars on Targeting Your Job Search and Building your Brand (MIMers were the majority grad students in Session #2–Gooo MIM!). These are sessions one and two of a three-part seminar series. Mastering the Interview is the third seminar in the series. Once a participant has completed the three-part seminar series he/she is welcome to participate in the mock interview sessions next month.

Julie Moree, PSU Graduate Business Programs Career Management Specialist and former corporate recruiter, covered some very good content in just three hours (1.5 hours for each session). The first two sessions reviewed the basics and provided attendees with a good place to start regarding the job search and resume improvements.  One can consider these lectures to be “Beginning Career Search 101” and know that the majority of the work will come later – you will reap the benefits of what you put into this. Take advantage of one on one meeting time with Moree once you have completed these seminars to break down job descriptions, review cover letters, or improve your resume.

Objectives for Targeting Your Job Search included:

  • Establishing a strategy for your job search
  • Identifying your unique interests, experiences, education, and passions
  • Determining industries and areas of business that would fit well with your distinct mix
  • Learn to leverage networking and informational interviews to facilitate your job search
  • Leave the session with tools to build your “elevator pitch”

One point of discussion that is probably crucial for time-pressed MIMers is learning to develop your strategy and establishing goals for yourself. Moree includes a color-coded time line for MIM students for goal planning related to career management for those in a 15-month cohort. She recommends that MIMers in the full time cohort determine their interests by February 2011 (or within six months of having started the program) and to research at least five different industries and companies per week. By March 2011 Moree recommends full time MIMers begin informational interviews and plan to complete at least one in-person and one by-phone interview per week. As far as long term goals go, Moree suggests obtaining an internship by July 2011 in hopes to obtain a full time job by April 2012.

Objectives for Building Your Brand/Building Your Resume included:

  • Learn to craft an accomplishment-based resume
  • Update your resume to fit varying positions
  • Write a professional summary/objective
  • Differentiating yourself
  • Writing an impactful cover letter
  • Monitoring your image online

A helpful exercise Moree reviews with attendees in Seminar #2: Building Your Brand is the review and breakdown of a job description to show you how to make the process of tailoring your resume more manageable. In today’s seminar Moree reviewed a “complex” job description for Nike.

Visit to set up your CareerNet account today! (NOTE: Bookmark this website as you will not be able to find it from PSU’s general webpage!) This is where you will be able to update your student profile, upload your current resume, and have access to career seminars, related events, as well as perouse national and international job opportunities. In addition, Moree reports that participating businesses will review your resume on this site when they are looking to fill a position. is the site to register for Moree’s career seminar series as well. If you missed sessions one and two today you can register for Career Management Bootcamp (a day-long version of the three seminars) on January 22nd and you will still be able to participate in mock interviews with local employers in February.

For more information and career assistance contact Julie Moree, PSU Graduate Business Programs Career Management Specialist: (503) 765-5390 (*appointment required to utilize career services). PSU Graduate Programs Career Management Resources are open to all PSU graduate business students and alumni.



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