Five reasons why you should go for MIM program!!!

It is the Thursday afternoon of the first week of Winter term. I am sitting in the Graduate Business Program Office and working on the routine tasks of a MIM ambassador. While waiting the PC to reboot, I looked through a huge window beside me and watched people running in the University Recreation Center.  How fast people run reminds me how fast the time flies… And, it has been almost a year since I got an offer letter from MIM program!!!

So, I guess right now many people are now in process of making a decision about what master degree to go for because, about a year ago, I personally had a difficult time to make a final choice between MIM and MBA program.

So, here are five reasons why you should go for the MIM;-

  1. MIM program is a unique leading edge opportunity immersing students into how business is conducted within the Pacific Rim. 
  2. Besides providing strong business background which is similar to MBA program, MIM curriculum emphasizes language competence by providing the one-year language course (Mandarin Chinese or Japanese from beginning to advanced level.
  3.  MIM program focuses on international issues instead of local or regional ones. The business coursework emphasizes global and international issues, particularly as they relate to the Pacific Rim markets.
  4. A unique and popular component to the MIM program is the Asia Study Tour which gives students a chance to practice their language skills in a real-life setting and to experience the Asian culture and lifestyle first hand.
  5. Because of the MIM Excursion Trip in the beginning of Fall and the Asia Study Tour in Winter, the MIM Cohort has a strong network and close relationship. We take the entire core classes simultaneously and complete the program together. The cohort helps us to cover academic material rapidly, promote teamwork, and ensure that all students keep pace in the MIM’s accelerated program. Moreover, the cohort community can somehow become both the source of lifelong friendships and an important business network.


Those are five (but not limited to) reasons to go for MIM program. Hopefully, they are helpful for people who are in the process of decision making. Good luck for your admission and see you in the coming Fall!  



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2 responses to “Five reasons why you should go for MIM program!!!

  1. Scott

    Thanks for the post. I’ve been debating between MIM, MBA or Law School and I think you’ve just sold me. Actually lived in China for about two years after finishing an internship for U of O in undergrad.

  2. Glad to know that, Scott. If you have any further questions, let us know! Good luck 😀

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