Effective Chinese Mandarin classes

The MIM program requires that students take either one year of Japanese or one year of Mandarin language in the program. Full time students will start language classes immediately but part time students will wait until their second year to start. Although most Mandarin classes outside of the MIM program tend to focus on conversational Mandarin, MIM language classes tend to focus a great deal on business terminology as well as some conversational skills. There are different levels offered for a variety of language skills for those who are entering the MIM program with prior Japanese or Mandarin language experience. New students will have the opportunity to take a pretest to be placed in an appropriate language class for skill level.

For those of you who are interested in taking Mandarin and have no prior experience learning this language, I highly recommend that you get a head start. Speaking from experience, Beginning Mandarin in the MIM program moves at an extremely fast pace and never slows down. In the first term (ten weeks total, as language classes run two weeks longer than the other MIM classes) you will learn greetings, titles, likes/dislikes, beverages, families, friends, counting, dates, business terms, and geography of U.S., China, and the world (yes, the Mandarin names!).

Prior to starting Beginning Mandarin in the MIM program, I signed up for a few terms of Mandarin with Effective Chinese. Night classes worked out with my work and school schedule during my first year as a part time MIM student. An American Mandarin-speaking instructor and a native Chinese Mandarin-speaking instructor teach Effective Chinese. Classes are small (usually less than eight) so everyone gets one-on-one time with the instructors. And most importantly, classes are FUN!

Effective Chinese is also great for MIM alumni who are interested in continuing their Mandarin studies. In addition to structured classes, Effective Chinese offers private tutoring at affordable rates. Occasionally, Eric Grimm, the Program Director, will offer free Mandarin tutoring and practice time over coffee on the weekends.

Here is information about Effective Chinese from Eric Grimm, Program Director:

Winter 2011 Term: Effective Chinese will be offering 6 classes: See www.effectivechinese.net for more details.
Mandarin Level 1 – Thursdays 6PM-7:30PM, starts Jan 13. $100
Mandarin Level 2 – Tuesdays 6PM-7:30, starts Jan 11. $100
Mandarin Level 3 – Tuesdays 7:30-9PM, starts Jan 11. $100
Mandarin Level 4 – Wednesdays 6PM-7:30, starts Jan 12. $100
Mandarin Level 6 – Thursdays 7:30-9PM, starts Jan 13. $100
Mandarin Book Talk – Wednesdays 7:30-9PM, starts Sep 15. $100
During the fall term we worked hard to add more content to our lesson web site. Level 1 has new homework and additional recordings, Level 2 was reorganized to have a more consistent approach and added additional classroom material and activities for all levels. You can review, preview and practice lessons anytime you like at www.effectivechinese.wikispaces.com. Please send us an email if you are planning to take a class this fall. Feel free to send us an email with any questions you have about Mandarin and/or our classes.
Eric Grimm
Program Director
Effective Chinese Language Learning
“We make it easier to learn Chinese”

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