MIM 511: Global Business and Sustainability

This upcoming winter term from January 3rd through March 19th is a challenging term for full time MIM students as they will be taking 16 credits (part time students will be taking eight credits). However, one of the classes full time MIM students will be looking forward to is MIM 511: Global Business and Sustainability, taught by Dr. Scott Marshall, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research at Portland State University. Dr. Marshall is a very engaging lecturer with a fast-paced class that covers a lot of material in a short period of time (MIM terms are typically only eight weeks long).

Last year, Dr. Marshall brought in a number of wonderful guest speakers to talk to the class about issues related to sustainability across international borders. One of the speakers that comes to mind is Mark Stell, President of Portland Roasting Company. Stell discussed the importance of giving back to local coffee farm communities by paying fair wages for quality coffee, supporting eco-friendly farming projects, and investing in community improvement projects related to education, gender equality, and health. NOTE: Portland Roasting Coffee offers internships and a few MIM alumni have snagged these coveted spots in the past few years.

If you checked out Portland Roasting Company’s link above and liked what you saw, you might want to read the short blog Coffee in Pictures: Tree to Cup. MIM alumni Will Hutchens, who happens to have a background in agriculture, posted great photos and content that reminded me of Mark Stell’s lecture. Know the process and impress Stell if you ever have the opportunity to meet him!

TIP: Get an early start and check out the MIM 511: Global Business and Sustainability syllabus (note that there could be updates and changes as it gets closer to term). There is a lot of reading for this class!


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