The Diary of a Nurse in the MIM Program: Christmas in Vietnam

I was a little disappointed that I would be gone to Vietnam during part of the holidays and miss the Christmas decorations back home in Portland, Oregon. Much to my surprise, Christmas decorations are alive and well here in Vietnam — although sometimes interpreted a little differently than in the U.S.. Apparently, Vietnam has a very large Catholic community. I have complied a variety of photo proof from the Vietnamese cities of Hanoi (northern), Hoi An (central), and Sapa (very northern). (Click on the photo to see a bigger version.)

shop in Hanoi

Christmas lights in Hanoi

Christmas in a tailor's shop in Hoi An (Tanya, RN and Ali RN, MIM class of 2011)

Christmas ornaments in Hoi An

Christmas ornament in Hoi An

Christmas decoration in Hoi An

Santa ornament in Hanoi

Typical Christmas ornament on the left but not so typical color-wise on the right in Hoi An

Decorating with spray snow and stencils in Hanoi

Almost like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree in Sapa

Garland in Sapa

Asian Christmas ornament in Sapa (and turquoise garland)

This is a huge silver ant on the tree in Hanoi...interesting...

Christmas scene in Hanoi by Turtle Lake

Christmas decoration in Sapa

Snowflake decoration in Hanoi


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