MIM, What’s in Your Wallet?

Have you ever taken inventory of the foreign money you have laying around your house? With approximately 50 percent of the Master in International Management admits consisting of international students, and a general fascination with travel by most all MIM students, it is not surprising that MIM students get around! Taking inventory for my upcoming trip to Vietnam with a long layover in Seoul, here is what I found in my “wallet:”

What's in your wallet? (Top-bottom, L-R: Korean won, Vietnamese dong, Chinese yuan, Taiwanese yuan, and Japanese yen - coins only as all the rest of the yen was spent on delicious ramen!)

In 2010 MIM students participated in quite a bit of international travel. In the spring MIM students traveled to Japan, China, and South Korea for the MIM Asia Study Tour and Malaysia for fun. In the summer MIM students traveled to Europe for a well-deserved vacation to visit friends, China to study marketing and supply chain, Nicaragua to assist with micro-renewable projects, and South Korea for a wedding. In the fall MIM students traveled to Turkey and Mexico for work, Vietnam to volunteer for a non-profit, and South Korea for a job interview.

This year’s MIM cohort that started the program in September 2010 is very well traveled. Many of the students have spent time in other countries visiting for a month or living abroad for years at a time. This is not a prerequisite by any means to be accepted in the program as there were a number of students in the previous year’s MIM cohort who had never traveled abroad until the MIM Asia Study Tour (AKA  the “Asia Trip”) — a one credit course that all MIM students must take in the Spring term which involves a three-week trip to Japan, China, and South Korea.

This coming spring the MIM program is offering an optional fourth week addition to The Asia Trip. After being immersed in international business in Japan, China, and South Korea, a small group of approximately 10 MIM students have elected to travel with the program to Cambodia and Thailand. The agenda for the Cambodia leg includes site visits to Digital Divide Data and AFESIP in addition to taking time out to see Cambodia’s most famous sights in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. This group of MIMers will end their final week of spring break with a little bit of down time in Thailand to explore with their wonderful Thai guides (their Thai classmates and MIM alumni living in Thailand).

Besides the Asia Trip coming up at the end of winter term (three month to go!), what kind of international travel do you have planned for the near future, MIM? And how many kinds of foreign currency happen to be in YOUR wallet? Can you beat my collection?


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