AOP lecture series: A Spark of Innovation and Entrepreneurship by Alice Reimer

The second Age of Pacific (AOP) lecture series of Fall2010 was held at November 8, 2010. It was a great opportunity to get to know the new modern company like Evoco Inc (, which collaborates with some of the world’s largest retailers and businesses to “deliver paradigm-busting software as a service” for solutions in real estate asset management. Also, Alice Reimer, the President and Co-Founder of Evoco Inc., was a great speaker who made this lecture more interesting. 

In this lecture, Reimer mentioned about the seven goals of success, including;-

“Be true to you passionate, Trust your gut” (choose job and work with passion)

“Sign every check” (accept all possible opportunities)

“Deliberate growth” (set the goal of company’s growth and make it happens)

“Work with people who you work well with” (choose the great team)

“There is no magic” (yes! it means there is no magic so you will get what you do)

“Know when to say no” (know your limitations), and

“Innovate or die” (keep being innovative. If not, your company will die.)

In conclusion, this lecture is a great one. The idea that Alice Reimer provided created both inspiration and motivation to the younger generation, especially us, MIMers!


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