Upcoming Event: MIM Exit Project Presentation

The Confucius Institute of Portland is hosting an event tonight, Friday, November 19, where those who are interested in observing a MIM Exit Project presentation can come and see MIM students in action. This MIM team has been working closely with a small local software company to explore its options for pursuing business opportunity in China. This event is free and open to the public.

Date: Friday, November 19, 2010

Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm

Location: Portland State University, School of Business Administration, Room #490, 631 SW Harrison Street, Portland, OR 97201

For more information: 503-725-9810 (Confucius Institute at PSU)

What is a Master in International Management Exit Project?

In lieu of a thesis the Masters in International Management program requires that every student complete a four credit course called MIM 506: International Business Research Project, or more commonly known as the “Exit Project.” This is a real life business project that a team of students is assigned in partnership with a local business that either does business internationally or is interested in doing business internationally. Typically Exit Project options are assigned in the spring term of the final year of school with the expectation that students will begin working on the project by summer with project completion right before the end of November (graduation is in December).

Exit Projects can vary widely depending on the business that requests to work with the MIM program. Students are also welcome to find their own Exit Projects through business connections and contacts they already posses. The bonus of finding your own Exit Project opportunity is that the student will be able to hand pick their own team (take note new MIM!). MIM class of 2010, graduating next month, has been working on exit projects involving sourcing helicopter parts in China, carbon metrics for Nike, marketing flavored wine in Japan, exploring business opportunities for a small software company in China, Columbia Sportswear, a Christmas tree farm and more.

Exit Project deliverables include a team PowerPoint presentation to the company and a 70 page detailed report on research findings. MIM students are supported by both an academic advisor, who is often a business leader within the community, as well as a contact within the project company. Dr. Allen, the MIM program’s Academic Director is also closely involved throughout the project duration.

If your company has an Exit Project idea for MIM students click on this link for more information on how to get involved: Exit Projects


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