MIM Global Business Immersion – Summing up 15 Months in One Weekend

This past weekend MIM class of 2010 completed their final class, MIM Global Business Immersion. What exactly is this one credit class that lasts only the weekend? Well, new MIMers, here is a tip for you…pay attention to everything you are doing in all your classes for the next 12 months (since your first term is almost over, we’ll call it 12 more months in the program instead of 15 so you feel better about it).

The MIM Global Business Immersion is where students will get a chance to bring everything they have learned over their 15 months in the program and put it to good use! Immersion weekend is apparently challenging, exhausting, but also a lot of fun! It is a lively competition between MIM teams for the right to know you have what it takes to go into a company, work with a team of smarties, and knock the socks off the executive board with your presentation skills and global business savvy.

What exactly happens in this super-secret Immersion weekend? Your MIM cohort over the last 15 months get somewhat randomly broken into teams — to be fair, we all want to have international and American students on a team so that would be the “somewhat randomly” part in it. This year, there were enough students to have teams of approximately eight students per team. Your team gets a fancy consulting group name like Deloitte or BCG. Your team is handed a case study packet to study on a Thursday night.

What is this case study about? It’s very much like the case studies assigned in many of the MIM classes. Imagine that a company comes to your consulting group wanting your opinion whether they should pursue the China market. Your team must provide data on the financial impacts, supply chain considerations, marketing strategies, etc. You get the idea?

Friday and Saturday are a whirlwind of researching to back up your stance your team has chosen to take on the case study – to pursue or not to pursue the China market. You madly work on organizing your data, you put together your PowerPoint; everyone works to know their part well. Your team’s assigned advisor and two company “executives” (MIM faculty) view your work at various points during the day. They give you feedback. You may need to switch up your stance, your data, and your PowerPoint…with only hours to spare.

By the end of Saturday all teams must present in front of a panel of judges (MIM faculty). Only two teams will win this round. On Sunday these two teams will compete for the right to have the MIM Global Business Immersion champion title (and the winning team will be plastered all over Facebook and Tweeted about). All teams will have a debriefing with their advisor at the end of the Immersion weekend.

MIM 2011…be ready. Be very, very, ready.

MIM Global Business Immersion: This is where the magic happens (photo by Joy Panjit Suwanyangyuen)

Follow the signs to find the super secret location of the Immersion weekend (photo by Joy Panjit Suwanyangyuen)


Mastering flip charts (photo by Weijia Lu)


Analyzing the data and making a mess of the desk to clear up the mind (photo by Raisa Trifanov)

Madly researching (photo by Will Sandman)

He is clearly trying to focus on the case study so maybe we should leave him alone? (photo by Will Sandman)

Ready to face the panel of judges with a big smile (photo by Joy Panjit Suwanyangyuen)

Seriously winning (photo by Genevieve Tandon)

And the winner is team BCG! Congrats to the 2010 MIM Global Business Immersion champions! (photo by Genevieve Tandon)


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One response to “MIM Global Business Immersion – Summing up 15 Months in One Weekend

  1. Kapil

    LOL. Awesome stuff everyone.

    Congrats to Team BCG!

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