Leading the Way in Asia Pacific Rim Business Education

The MIM prepares professionals for careers in the dynamic markets of Asia’s Pacific Rim region.

  • Communications fluency: students choose either Mandarin Chinese or Japanese for their mandatory 200 hrs. in Asian language study
  • Many classes taught by current industry leaders for maximum exposure to “real world” issues
  • Cultural immersion: program tuition includes a 3-week Asian study tour through Japan, China & South Korea

Choosing a MIM degree gives you a competitive edge in today’s global business marketplace.

  • International Business Curriculum: students complete a core of specialized finance, management & marketing courses
  • International Research Project: Each student commits to a 200 hr. employer and client-based, real-world training experience
  • Focused Specializations: Students select one of four specializations in International Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, Global Marketing, Global Supply Chain Management or International Finance

Check out our MIM online view book to learn more


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One response to “Leading the Way in Asia Pacific Rim Business Education

  1. Syd Squire

    The concept of International Management bothers me. I can’t help but think of global domination, one world order, Bilderberg, Rockefellers, and the like. I hope I’m wrong, but your ad I saw that says “Are you the next global leader?” sure sounds like it. I really think we need more responsible, capable local governments and autonomy and definitely less bureaucracy and complicated regulations. The bigger things get, the more waste there is, the less can get done, the more expensive it is, and the fewer freedoms anyone has. When there is a problem you will spend hours and hours trying to find the right person with the authority/power to override the automatic computer solution or input.

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