Vestas Graduate Programme

One of the hardest parts about looking for a job coming out the MIM program is finding an entry-level position that requires little previous experience.  Whether MIMers transitioned immediately from undergrad to the MIM program or are looking to make a career change, it isn’t uncommon for there to be a lack of applicable work experience in a desired field.  The obvious solution would be for students to take advantage of their student status to get internships.  However, there are alternative programs, or, at least one excellent one.  I’m talking about the Vestas Graduate Programme.  Vestas is a wind turbine manufacturing company with offices all over the world – including one office in downtown Portland, only blocks away from PSU’s campus!

Here’s the lowdown on the graduate programme, from the Vestas website:

A great job can change your life – and a great company can change the world. By joining the Vestas Graduate Programme you can kick-start your career and contribute to a sustainable tomorrow!

The Vestas Graduate Programme began in 2006 and currently welcomes 60-80 top talents divided into two intakes every year. The two-year programme is divided into functional Graduate tracks each containing three eight-month modules in three different locations. Our goal is to challenge and develop strong professionals to undertake key positions in Vestas in the future.”

Sound good to you?  There are a lot of MIMers this year that are excited about this opportunity, especially after speaking with recent MIM graduate Casey Cleary, who is currently enrolled in the Vestas Graduate Programme!  There’s still time to apply for the upcoming batch or positions (applications are due in by October 3rd).  Just be sure to have:

  • A recent resume/CV
  • A cover letter for the track(s) you are interested in
  • Academic transcripts for undergraduate and graduate work
  • A complete set of answers to specific questions asked as a part of the application (different for every batch of positions)

While this isn’t the only opportunity if it’s kind, it is certainly an exciting one that has been proven to be looking for the skills and capabilities that the MIM offers.  Do you know about similar opportunities, or have questions about this program with Vestas?  Leave us a comment, and we’ll see what we can do!




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2 responses to “Vestas Graduate Programme

  1. Jens Reimer Olesen

    I have just finished an internship with Vestas in Denmarj and afterward I got a job offer. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot. I can really recommend doing an internship! I found the internship on a new page called The have gathered all internships, graduate programmes & jobs at one place. Quite amazing!

    • That is great Jens! Thank you for letting us know and congrats on your job offer! Please feel free to check out the MIM Facebook page and give us an update on how your Vestas job is going – we would love to hear more about it. Best wishes and keep in touch!

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