Asian MBA Conference – Day 2

“Follow your passions, do not check boxes.”

“Know who you are – live your brand.”

These were two quotes that we were treated to by Manish Mehta, Vice President of Social Media at Dell, during his speech today at the AMBA conference.  Manish was just one of many excellent speeches that were scheduled for today – a full day of workshops and informational sessions.  Other incredibly interesting speeches were Frans Johansson, of The Medici Effect, and Michael Chen of GE (not to be confused with current MIMer, Michael Chen).  The range of speeches ran the gamut from Corporate Social Responsibility, to how to find a job in Asia.  What was most surprising to me as I was sitting through these talks was that the material that was being spoken about – the importance of diversity in groups, cultural awareness and understanding, and being aware of paradigm shifts as a way to bring about significant change – were all topics that had been touched on in the MIM program!  While these speeches were engaging and inspiring, there was nothing too terribly new for any MIM student that has been paying attention and engaged in class.

The point of all this?  That while employers may not know exactly what a Master of International Management can do by title alone, we have the skills that they want – we just have to let them know!  We’ll have more information on how this fact pans out in actual practice after tomorrow, when we’ll be at the career expo portion of the conference, getting some face time with potential employers!  Stay tuned to see how things go!



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