An MIM student wins a huge first place prize

Hey there MIM-land.  A special welcome to the new students who are hard at work in their pre-requisite class (and secretly day-dreaming about their upcoming camping trip)!  We are so excited for you!

Today, I want to share some exciting news about a few recent projects.  A while back, we told you about case studies, the ubiquitous business school learning tool.  You’ll read dozens of these during MIM, but a few of you will have an opportunity to write one! (Who doesn’t want to be a published author?)  During winter term (January and February) graduate school dean Scott Marshall solicited applications for this year’s case study teams.  The teams are usually comprised of both MIM and MBA students, and typically have been about some sustainability issue.  This year at least 5 MIM students are involved in a few different projects (including two with local fast-food outlet Burgerville.  They are on-going, so there isn’t much to say yet – you”l have to wait for next year’s ambassadors to write about them!

If you know anything about Portland, you know that we love coffee here.  You may also know that many companies here put a lot of emphasis on sustainability issues (see here for a quick primer).  What happens when these two ideas get put together?  Watching a video is probably more fun than reading, so go ahead and do that:

Pretty neat, huh?  I love knowing that companies are doing things like this! I wrote a bit about Portland Roasting earlier this year, when they came to give a guest lecture.  So where does this fit into the case study issue?  One of our MIM classmates, Brandon, participated in this project.  His team spent a few months researching and putting together this video and report.  They then submitted it to an international competition, and they won first place!.

Congratulations Brandon!!!  And for all you new students, I can’t wait to see the cases you get to work on.  I’m certain they will be just as exciting.

Stay tuned for another interesting coffee-related story involving MIM students.  This summer, one of the specialization classes included a really cool social entrepreneurship project with a local coffee importer and a social services non-profit.



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