Where I’ve been

Apologies to our readers!  Summer term is a bit slow here at the MIM blog.  Our schedules have shifted a lot, and we feel pulled a bunch of different directions as our exit projects ramp up!

I’ve also stated a 30hr/week internship!  Summer term classes are almost all in the evening, which makes a professional internship a real possibility.  In my case, I am working with Portfolio 21, a mutual fund headquartered here in Portland.  The fund is part of the SRI (social responsible investing) community, and recognized as a leader. Companies must meet strict environmental impact management criteria to be considered for inclusion.  My job involves performing annual reviews on some of the holdings to track progress toward stated targets.  It is giving me great insight into what global companies are committing to – and how the ‘green sector’ is growing.

My exit project team is also getting started.  There are lots of really exciting exit projects this year, with companies large and small, and projects as diverse as researching an IPO on an asian market, joint-ventures in China, and market entries to Japan.  Adam, Patrick, and I will have more to say as the projects go, but it is certainly going to be a huge real-world learning experience for everyone involved – stay tuned!



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