Time for a little MIM R&R

So, as we’ve been building up to over the past few posts, the Spring Term has officially been conquered by this year’s cohort, and now it’s time for a little rest and relaxation.  But, at this point, it’s also a good time to assess exactly what we have left to do at this point.  With only the Summer and Fall terms left, there really isn’t too much… in terms of classes, that is.  The biggest part of the program left is easily our exit projects.  We may have touched on them a little in previous posts, but for clarification’s sake, I’ll recap: the exit project is an opportunity for MIM students to work with a business on a project relating to Asia.  Historically, this has encompassed go to market strategies for products, evaluations of supply chain and logistics strategies and even work with NGOs.  It is the hope of the administration that exit project groups will contain four members, with each specialization represented.  It is because of that hope for equal representation that students are given a list of potential projects and choose their favorite two, at which point groups are assembled based on appropriate members.  This means that you don’t get to choose your own groups – it’s all based on the luck of the draw.  The only catch: if you find your own exit project (pending approval of the program), then you get to choose your own group!  Currently, we’re at the stage where we know what projects are available, and have put in our requests, and just waiting to hear back (c’mon June 12th!).

As far as actual classes go, we’re down to our specialization courses in the fall term as well as negotiations, with Melanie Billings-Yun, who taught the first half of our Pacific Rim World Affairs course this past term, and was a favorite among many students.  Language will also finish up this Summer Term as well as Intercultural Competency and Communications, leaving the second half of our Global Strategy course and our exit projects for Fall.  In all, I think I speak for everyone when I say that there is a lot of excitement building to start focusing on our specializations and exit projects (but even more excitement to be done!).  As Austin said in a previous post, we may not update here as often, as we want to make sure that our posts are pertinent (and not just fluff).  So, keep checking back, and let us know what you want to know about MIM!



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