Pre-MIM your fast track to Business

For those of you who weren’t business majors (myself included) there are going to be a few pre reqs you need to take in order to meet the knowledge base necessary for the MIM program.  So what are they?  They are all the business classes you didn’t take in college because how exciting does financial accounting sound to a Biology, Communications, Art History, English, insert any major outside of business, major?  Well, turns out they can actually be quite interesting, and if you have your eye on this program, extremely useful and necessary.

The list is as follows:

  • Financial Accounting –Learn the ins and outs of financial statements.  After this class the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows will be your best (or worst) friend.
  • Managerial Accounting – Expand on financial and see how accounting plays a role in business decisions.  Discover budgeting/forecasting, fixed and variable costs and continue to do the wonderful cost of goods sold calculation.
  • Microeconomics – Supply and Demand curves will haunt your dreams.  Micro is all about consumer behavior and how it affects the economy.  Be prepared to reanalyze why everything costs as much as it does.
  • Macroeconomics – GDP, unemployment, trade, all the things that go into the overall economy.  Macro takes what you get in micro and brings it to a national/global scale
  • Business Statistics – Useful and interesting, but also a lot of math.  You get to study probabilities and chance.  Basically this teaches you how to mathematically make predictions, and you cant argue with math right?
  • Business Finance – Did someone say Time Value of Money?  Don’t know what I mean? You will after this class.
  • Business writing and research – Need a touch up on your professional writing skills, this is the class for you.  Learn how to write papers that are concise and focused, yet informative.  This is crucial because they love to make you write papers in the MIM program.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Seven classes, that’s more than a whole semester of college!”  Yes, yes it is, however the MIM program has been gracious enough to provide you with a way to knock out all your pre-reqs in one summer.  The Pre-MIM program is an intense summer long session of all of these classes you need and want.  Starting in June and culminating in August, the Pre MIM program will ensure you get all of your pre-reqs out of the way, and give you a solid understanding of basic business concepts.  One major benefit, outside of the education, is it gives you a leg up on meeting your fellow cohort members.  Everyone taking the Pre-MIM classes is a future member of the MIM program so you get a chance to meet and learn with your classmates before the actual program begins.  From a person who took their pre-reqs at another school, I definitely regret missing out on the bonding opportunities and fast paced schedule of the Pre-MIM program.

There you have it, all you newly admitted students (congratulations by the way) I hope to see and meet some of you come June.  The Pre-MIM program is just the beginning, but a great way to get to know Portland, your future cohort, and the material.

– Adam


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  1. Yeah – I (Austin) had to take pre-MIM last year. It definitely helped prepare me for the accounting class! Plus it’s a great chance get to know some of your future cohort-mates!

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