To Be (or not to be) an Intern…

It has been said before.  MIM is a significant commitment.  75 credits for the full-timers in just 15 months feels like a grueling marathon.  It also means that unlike a traditional MBA, classes run throughout the program.  There is no semester break where traditional MBA students take breaks and secure internships.  This means that enterprising MIM students who want to get some real-world experience before the graduate have to find ways to make it work in the midst of classes.

A few months ago, I blogged about my schedule for spring term.  So far it has been relatively manageable.  We are entering the 4th week right now, so that means mid-terms.  Each of the 4 major classes we are taking also have large group projects and/or presentations.  This means finding time to squeeze in meetings, practice, reading, writing, and other homework somewhere in between.  It’s a challenge, but since everyone is taking the same courses, all our schedules are relatively predictable.

In any case, there is little room for interning this term, but I have started to look at some possibilities starting around June.  PSU’s Career Services office maintains a handy database that where local companies can post their intern or FT hiring needs.  Over the past few months, I’ve seen positions from companies as diverse as Fred Meyer, PECI, The Standard, and several small local start-ups or NGOs.  They aren’t always paid, but they are all great experience, and cut represent a variety of interests.

You’ll get more information about the Career Center during orientation.  Of course it is just one way to look for opportunities.  There are many more, and it is time to start thinking about life after school!  December will be here soon, and I hope to be ready to move into a job early in 2011!


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