Photos from the Far East

Well, we’re all back from the trip, and we’re officially into the Spring term.  We’ve been told by the heads of the program, as well as members of the past cohort that this will be our most challenging term of the program – with 19 credits, including classes like International Corporate Finance, Contemporary Pacific Rim and World Affairs, Global Human Resources and International Law and Ethics it’s easy to understand why.  But, that’s not to say that this term has to be all work and no play, at least for now.

As a part of the Asia Trip, the program decided to bundle in a little contest – a photo contest to be exact.  Now, the program heads are in charge of choosing the big prize winners, but we (anyone that’s a fan of our Facebook page, actually) get to decide a “People’s Choice” winner.  Within a week or so, we will have pictures up on our Facebook page that were submitted by students that just went on the Asia Trip, then, all you have to do is give them a quick look-see, and vote on your favorites by “liking” it.  You can like as many as you want.  We then choose the photo that has the most likes.  Pretty simple.  The winner gets a gift certificate to the Portland State University Bookstore, because, well, texts are still pretty expensive…

Now, I know that we had said that we would be making daily updates while on the Asia Trip, but clearly, that did not happen… Between jam-packed days, and spotty internet access (mostly in China), these updates unfortunately fell through the cracks.  Not to worry though – we’ve got a lot to talk about from the trip, and as Austin said in his last post, we’ll be sure to post more lessons, memories and insights related to the trip in the weeks to come.  If there’s anything that you are interested in about our recent Asia Trip, or anything else, please leave us a comment here, or on our Facebook page!



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