Living it up in Beijing

We landed in Beijing in the afternoon and it was great weather.  I hear it is usually smoggy, but for us, blue skies and bright sun.  The sun isn’t really doing its job however since it is pretty cold here, -1 Celsius.  After a short bus ride we made it to the hotel and immediately to the Li Ning store to pick up a pair made famous from our case study.  After that a large group headed for a traditional foot massage, which after a week of traveling is probably the best thing you can do when you first get to Beijing.  From the it was hot pot which was fantastic.  Overall it was an eventful and impressive day, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of China has in store for me.


北京 – 让我们尽情欢乐吧!

我们于当地时间3月9日下午抵达北京。北京的天气非常地好。听人说北京时常是烟雾迷蒙,但是我们看到的却是蓝天和煦日。虽然阳光很好,气温却很低 – 零下1摄氏度。我们很快搭乘短程巴士到达下榻的酒店。 一放下行李,我们就迫不及待地到“李宁”专卖店挑选运动鞋。 由于这次亚洲之行之前我们对“李宁”进行了案例分析,所以大家都很熟悉这个品牌。接下来我们一大帮人结伴去了一家传统的中式按摩院享受足底按摩。经过一周的旅行,我们到达北京后最想做的事情莫过于足疗了。随后我们去吃了火锅。火锅的味道棒极了!


– 翻译:蔡敏


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