200,000 bottles of mayonaise a day

Today was our third day in Tokyo, and our second factory tour.  We drove pretty far outside of Tokyo to the Kewpie (pronounced Q-P) mayonaise production facility.  This is the most popular mayonaise brand in Japan, and they crank out 200,000 bottles each day!  It’s hard to imagine just how much that is… but we got to see the bottles speed through their factory floor at blinding speeds.  Confidentiality issues prevent us from taking pictures inside the factory, but here’s a shot at the entrance to the Kewpie offices. 

This baby character is the official mascot of Kewpie, and you’ll find dolls and pictures of dolls like this one spread all throughout the factory.  It’s a little bit creepy isn’t it?

It was a really impressive factory.  They have machines that crack an unbelievable number of eggs each minute, separate the white, yolk and the shell, and deliver them to various places for processing.  The shells are particularly interesting.  Not wanting to waste anything, the company has partners that use the shells, or the shell membranes to make a wide range of diverse products, from calcium enriched biscuits, to chalk, and even clothes!  Truly impressive, huh?

Tomorrow is our final day in Tokyo, and we have no scheduled events.  It is a free day to explore Japan (and hopefully get into a little trouble).



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