Almost there.

We’ve officially finished all of our finals for Winter term… now, all that’s left is the Asia Trip!  For me, it really hasn’t set in – I’ve covered all of my bases, as far as packing goes (I hope), and just need to actually get things in order.  The countdown, I believe, is somewhere around 36 hours… that is, in just about 36 hours, we’ll be in Tokyo.

Tokyo Skyline, we'll see you soon!

Time is clearly running short, so you’ll have to excuse me – I’ve got a few loose ends to tie up.  But fear not, MIM enthusiasts, you can expect a blog-a-day from Austin, Adam and myself while we’re in Asia, recapping our exploits.  These will be a rapid fire affair, meaning that they’ll probably be on the shorter side.  So, stay tuned!



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