The Final Push

Here we are.  In one week, we’ll be posting an update from Tokyo! (We will do our best to update daily while in Asia)

Last Saturday, we all filed into one a classroom for our final Asia Trip information session.  Tickets and itineraries were passed out.  Room assignments were given. Questions were answered.  Tips were shared.  It all fuels the excitement that has been building for the past few weeks!  There will be 70 of us traveling together for three weeks.  In a group that size, there are bound to be some really interesting stories to share….

But before we break out the champagne, it is finals week.  The next four days are filled with presentations, essay exams, and reflection papers.  And then there’s whatever last minute shopping I still have to do before I can leave the country for a month.  Needless to say we are all excited, and anxious to get through this week!

One of the highlights of the semester has been reading Eliyahu Goldratt’s The Goal. This classic business book about manufacturing was assigned in our operations class.  Let me assure you, it’s not as boring as that sounds.  It’s written like a novel, and the characters have serious problems at their production facility.  For a former teacher like me, it was a perfect introduction to some of the issues that the manufacturing sector faces.  While I’m still not sure I will specialize in supply chain management, I know have much greater respect for the problems my colleagues will be facing!



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