Remember those days?  As an undergraduate, I spent hours trying to tweak my schedules each semester.  I had priorities.  8 AM classes were unthinkable.  Classes on Friday were best avoided – even if it meant taking a different course.  MIM is hardly like that.

Beginning language classes are *always* Tuesday-Friday at 9 or 10:15 each day.  Core classes meet once a week for about 4-5 hours.  These courses usually have 2 sections.  One will meet 12:30-5, the other 5:30-10.  And then there’s Saturday classes.  It’s quite likely that you will have Saturday classes.  Such is MIM.

When we return from our Asia trip (12 days!) We will jump right into spring term.  It is absolutely the busiest.  Full-time students’ 19 credit course load is as follows:

  • Language
  • Pacific Rim and World Affairs (History)
  • International Law and Ethics
  • International Corporate Finance and Investment
  • Global HR Management*
  • Intercultural Competence and Communications (2-week seminar)*
    *2nd year PT students join these classes.

Honestly, it is a little intimidating.  But I take comfort in knowing that everyone in my cohort will be facing the same thing.  We will suffer through endure it together.

Registration opened today, so I’d like to share a little of how I thought through my schedule for this term:

There aren’t really many options for the Chinese or Law classes (this is one term with a non-negotiable Saturday class).  The other classes each had two sections offered; afternoon and evening.  But now, with two terms under my belt, I know a bit more about my work habits, and how it fits in with MIM courses.  One one hand, afternoon classes are desirable because it means I am home around 6:00, as opposed to 10:30 or 11, but I am more productive with free time in the afternoon than after dinner.  It’s sort of a catch-22.  You’ll notice that I’ve set myself up for a very busy Thursday.  It wasn’t necessary, but it does give me practically three full week days to work on homework and group projects….will it be a good idea….我不知道!(I don’t know)

I see this as a great opportunity to learn more about myself, and see how I will respond to meet this new challenge.  Also, this experiment will only last 8 weeks.  MIM is an accelerated program, so the term is pretty highly compressed.

What do you think?  If you’ve applied or have already been admitted to MIM, would you sign up for such a schedule?  OD you have other schedule questions?  Most things are consistent from cohort to cohort, so we are currently living what you might be one year from now.  Let us know in the comments!



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3 responses to “Registering

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  2. A year+ later, this was just the kind of information I was looking for. I was recently accepted to the MIM program, and start this summer with some pre-reqs. I was looking at how classes for the full time terms would work last night and realized this unique blocking method—needless to say, I’m a little nervous, but it is great to know the group works together so closely, and as you noted: we will endure!

    Looking forward to September – Cheers!

    • Hi Ryan, Congratulations on your acceptance into the MIM program! Welcome to the MIM family! We are glad you found some information that was helpful to you in our blog. Please keep tabs on us on the MIM Facebook page and Twitter. Start coming to some of the MIM events and we will get you introduced to the current cohort and prospective students – they will be your support system for the next 15+ months.

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