We’re all adults here…

For those unaware, Portland is a pretty sweet spot for good beer and spirits, and when you’re not studying, this means that there are plenty of choices for what you want to imbibe.  However, when time is tight and budgets are running low, you’ve gotta find places nearby and relatively inexpensive.  Believe me, within a mile or so radius of campus, our cohort has sniffed out a few gems…  Now, we’re not trying to encourage drinking of any sort, but just want to give people an idea of places we’ve found to be social with classmates.  So, for today’s entry, I’d like to shed some light on our favorite places to hang out and, should the desire strike, grab a brew after class.

Paccini – this is our old standby, and it seems is a running standby from cohorts past.  I distinctly remember hearing from the cohort ahead of us during our pre-MIM days: “wait, you guys haven’t started real MIM classes yet, and Paccinis has already sucked you in??!?”  Located right underneath the Vue Apartments, Paccini is likely where you’ll find at least one person from the MIM cohort, unwinding.  Free pool, a couple flatscreens on the walls, a killer happy hour menu (4-7), and drink specials (8-close) make this place pretty attractive to students looking to enjoy an evening on the cheap.  Beware though, Tuesday night is $1 beer night, meaning that you’ll be there with the rest of PSU.  We generally avoid those nights…

The Cheerful Tortoise – decidedly attracting more of an undergraduate crowd, the Tortoise brings back all those memories of when we were getting our bachelor degree, and is a must for any PSU student.  Dark, and slightly dingy, there’s a certain charm to this place.  Maybe it’s the ability to look at any wall and find a game to watch.  Maybe it’s the all day breakfast (among other food) menu.  For most, it’s probably the $1 beers on Thursday though.  With free team trivia on Tuesday nights, the Tortoise is definitely a place you should see yourself visiting at least once.

The Market Street Pub – this is the McMenamins downtown, just a couple blocks from campus.  So, you know what to expect here, food-wise and drink fare.  This means Edgefield crafted wine and spirits, as well as the usual McMenamins array of craft beers.  For cheap food, they’ve got a pretty awesome happy hour menu – so keep this in mind if you get a hankering for a decent burger, but are still waiting for that next batch of financial aid to be dispersed.  Also, the low-key atmosphere is ideal for studying – I haven’t been in to this location without seeing someone hitting the books.  In that same vein, it is not uncommon for group meetings to be held here, and I have friends that have had their profs hold classes (even finals) at this place.

Schmizza Pub and Grub – another kind-of chain here.  It’s a Pizza Schmizza, in the sense that they’ve got the pizza and other food that you’ve come to know and love, but now it has a full bar with drink specials!  With a different pasta entre at $5 everyday, a cycle of $2 daily slices, and enough T.V.s that your eyes will never be bored, this is quickly becoming the go-to place for us to unwind after a 5 hour class.  Be warned though, once it gets a little later, they turn up the music, and it’s all top 40 pop-dance kind of music (with some 80’s thrown in now and then).  Not like that’s a bad thing, but just don’t expect any kind of intimate conversation or try to get any kind of homework done here.

So, there it is – the low-down on where we spend our time when not toiling away at our studies in the SBA or Library… or sleeping.  Did I miss your favorite place?  Leave a comment, and share the news!  We (along with everyone else, I’m sure) love a good recommendation!



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