Portland = coffee

One of the best things about Portland is the great coffee you can find on almost every corner.  This is great news for haggard grad students!  Of course you’ll find an overwhelming number of Starbuck’s nearby (I think there are no less than 7 within a 6 block radius of campus).   Most MIM students however, are big fans of Seattle’s Best (which incidentally is owned by Starbucks).  During every class break, you’ll find a few of my cohort-mates seeking their caffeine fix.  It is conveniently located just one block away from the business school.

But if y0u are really interested in the local coffee scene, you’ll find lots to love in Portland.  The city is home to some fantastic coffee shops!  You might even want to consider that as you look for a place to live.  The most famous is probably Stumptown.  Each neighborhood however has wonderful independent coffee shops, many even roast their own beans!  Here are a two my favorites:

  • North Portland: the red e cafe.  They make the smoothest americano I’ve ever had.  And it’s only 3 blocks form my house!
  • Northeast Portland: Extracto. These guys roast their own beans

Another great local roaster is P0rtland Roasting.  One of their Managing Partners came to speak to our sustainability class this term.  He talked about some of the development projects their company supports.  When they negotiate contracts with farmers to purchase beans, Portland Roasting builds in a price premium a few cents per pound above a fair market price.  This extra profit is then designated to finance community improvements.  This “farm friendly direct” program has helped to build schools, water pumps, and other infrastructures throughout their supply chain.  They are certainly a company that Portland can be proud of!

Are you living in Portland now?  What’s your favorite coffee shop?  Sound off in the comments below!



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