Year of the Tiger

Well, the ball has dropped in Times Square, but that doesn’t mean that New Year’s celebrations have to come to an end!  Just around the corner is the Chinese New Year, and the MIM program and Portland as a whole is ready to ring in the year of the tiger in style!  The big celebration is going down on Valentine’s Day this year, Sunday, February 14th at the Oregon Convention Center.  This is one of the biggest annual cultural events, drawing in a lot of local interest, as well as local businesses.  In particular this year, Li Ning (think, the Nike of China – they have their only US office located here in Portland – you’ll learn more about them in the MIM marketing class, for all you incoming students) will have a ping-pong demonstration!  The whole event starts at 10, and runs until 6 on Sunday, with $6 admission.

On top of that, we in the MIM program will be hosting on our own Chinese New Year celebration on Saturday the 13th.  All of the Chinese language classes have been practicing different songs and skits (you can expect a little rap number by one of our very own ambassadors, from what I hear).  The Japanese classes have been preparing our own set of songs to present as well, ranging from more traditional round-style songs, to more well known songs.  The event starts at 3, and runs until 6, and will be hosted in the Smith Memorial Student Union, in room 228.  In all, it should be an entertaining and fun evening!

As far as a status update for the term, we’ve just finished week 5 and our midterms… there’s just over 3 weeks (or 22 days… not that we’re keeping track or anything) until we leave for our Asia Trip!  Stay tuned for more news about that trip, and exciting updates on cultural events throughout Portland and at PSU!



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