Where to rest your head…

… When you’re not in the library or business school, that is.  So, you’ve got your application squared away, and you know the details of getting to Portland when the time comes, but where are you going to live?  Today’s topic was actually recommended by a current MIM student, who encountered a few hiccups in finding a place in Portland, and thought that incoming students might like a few pointers.

The first big decision, is whether or not you want to live on campus or nearby.  Some of the advantages to living on campus are that your student account will be automatically charged for your rent for a term at a time, meaning that if you have financial aid coming to you, then your rent will automatically be paid out of any dispersement that you receive, making things very easy.  Also, you’ll be on campus – that means you can literally roll out of bed five minutes before class.  On top of that, besides for school purposes, you will be in the heart of downtown, with easy access to things to do and see, as well as easy access to Portland’s incredible public transportation system.  It’s because of these reasons, that I chose to live on campus.

Now, this all sounds too good to be true, right?  Well, there are some downsides.  First, and most obvious: you are living in student housing.  Remember your days of undergrad, and the dorms there?  Well, welcome back.  You will have an RA, and be at the whim of every nitty-gritty rule in the student housing handbook.  Second, it’s not the cheapest place you could live.  I’ve asked friends, and done the math and found that I’m likely spending, on average, about $100-200 more dollars a month than friends living in a non-school owned building next door.  Finally, there are some pet restrictions.  There are a few buildings that do allow you to have pets, but regardless of the building, there are no dogs allowed.  You can have a cat though, assuming you live in the right building, and that the room you do get is larger than 300 square feet.

All in all though, there are a lot of great places to choose from that are near campus – and the list is too long to even think about mentioning if you consider all of the places that are located near a lightrail line, which can take you right to campus.  Below I’ve got a list of links that will direct you to places that some of my fellow MIMers are living, as well as on campus options.

On campus:

Off campus:

Well, I hope that this was of some use to you guys.  Let us know if you have any questions!  And remember, send us your blog topic ideas, to make sure that you get the most out of our blog!




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8 responses to “Where to rest your head…

  1. Emily Vedaa

    Thanks for this post. I’m an incoming student but I know Portland pretty well. You can also check out some property management companies who have cheaper deals than the off-campus links posted. KBC Management has cool vintage apartments all over town, including near campus: kbcmgmt.com; or Capital Property Management, which tends to be slightly cheaper: capmng.com

    Student housing, for a studio at least, in an awesome vintage apartment complex on the Park Blocks seems like a pretty good deal, once you take into consideration that ALL utilities are covered in the cost of the apartment… Do you think it’s really more expensive than the alternative?

    • Joshua Gregg

      I am moving to PDX in April and am trying to figure out housing myself. I am currently living in Japan and am wondering if anyone knows if its possible t o get something lined up and rented while I’m still abroad? I have been looking at some of the vintage buildings off-campus that you mentioned Emily but haven’t made inquiries yet. Any current MIM’ers who have had success renting while still abroad? I have also been checking Craigslist. Happy house hunting!

      -Joshua Gregg

      • Josh,

        You can contact College Housing Northwest: http://www.chnw.org/ they might be able to help you before you get here.

        Another idea is to use craigslist to find a short-term sublease. Subletting will give you a place to sleep for a month or so while you figure out where you want to live. This is a great option to explore the city and find a sweet neighborhood that works for you.

    • Sorry for the late reply, Emily. Good call on KBC – one of the current cohort members is actually a manager for a KBC building, and Adam – one of the student ambassadors lives in a KBC managed complex. They both have good things to say.

      And I may have sounded a little too jaded about student housing – the vintage look and feel is pretty sweet, and all things considered – utilities, and incredibly convenient location – the price is pretty on par with other places. Some of my problem with price is may be that I live in a 1-bedroom, as opposed to a studio, but that choice was because of the square footage requirement for me to have a cat… Thanks for the comments!


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  4. Adelaide

    I am looking for Northwest Portland Apartments and came across your post. I appreciate your recommendation and will consider it in my search.

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