Student Profile: Matt Snyder

Introducing Matt Snyder!  Matt is a fellow full-time student who along with me has also begun to study beginning Chinese.  After earning a degree in political science, Matt decided to join the MIM program due to the International aspect, and the Portland State business partners he has. So far Matt’s favorite class has been Global Business Strategy.  Global Business Strategy is, like the name says, a strategy class where we analyze and discuss the tactics businesses use to meet short and long term goals to better position themselves as a company worldwide.  Along with the strategy class, Matt has also enjoyed the mentor program offered through the school of business.  This program connects graduate students with local business leaders in the field of their interest.  It is a great opportunity available to all students in the graduate school of business.

In the future Matt will have a career in corporate social responsibility, and he feels the international training, language training, and the sustainability curriculum of the MIM program are going to lead him there.

If you are ever in need to know anything about a reading or case study, Matt is the man to go to.  I swear he has every thing he has ever read memorized, and is always ready to contribute to class discussion.  For all you future MIMers, if you want to know how to study, this is the person to ask.



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