The Student Rec Center

It is a month in now, and Portland State’s new recreation center is up and running.  The facility is great, large rooms and windows everywhere; even when the weather is bad you can still get the feeling of exercising outdoors.  It has everything graduate student could need to get the heart beating or drop those extra pounds they  picked up over the break.  The features of the gym include:

  • Tons of cardio machines including treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, and others I have never even seen.  Most have tvs attached, and the treadmills actually have them built-in; pretty impressive.
  • Full weight room with both free and machine weights.
  • An awesome rock climbing wall with tons of routes marked out.
  • Lap pool and hot tub; a good place for a soak to rest those tired muscles.
  • Two basketball courts, and one indoor soccer court.
  • Full locker room facilities as well.

Overall, I think it is a fantastic facility, and hope I can spend a lot of time there in between classes.  One thing I have done as of late, is play some basketball with my fellow MIM students.  Though my skills are lacking, it is still nice to get some exercise and have some fun while doing it.  Besides, if I am going to China, I better brush on my basketball skills to compete with the locals as basketball continues to grow in popularity there.   Which reminds me, I need to pick up a pair of Li Ning basketball shoes while I am in China.

If you are a current student and want to shoot some hoops, let me know.  If you are a prospective student and want a tour of the facilities, that can be arranged as well.

Heres to staying fit

– Adam


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