39 Days….but who’s counting?

One of the highlights of the MIM experience is the Asia trip.  You’ll find some posts from last year’s cohort here.  We recently got a look at the itinerary, and although things may change, it is fun to start daydreaming about what we’ll see.

February 28 – March 6: Tokyo.  We are scheduled to visit a mayonnaise factory!
March 7 – 8: Seoul.  We will take a tour of the DMZ!
March 9 – 13: Beijing.  Highlights include the Great Wall, Chinese Opera and a visit to the China office of Mercy Corps (a Portland-based NGO)
March 14 – 21: Shanghai. Factory tour at Twinhead (a computer manufacturer)

This is just a sample of the activities.  Of course there will also be some sightseeing, shopping, and a lot of eating!  The trip formally ends on March 21.  Some students will return to Portland right away.  Others will take advantage of Spring Break to travel more in Asia.  A few students are participating in an optional extension with faculty and staff in Cambodia.  One of our classmates is from nearby Laos, and will be leading a group through that developing market.

Have any of you traveled or lived in these places?  Let us know about your experiences!




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2 responses to “39 Days….but who’s counting?

  1. Joshua Gregg

    Hey Austin,

    Sounds exciting! I am starting the MIM Program Autumn ’10. I live near Nagoya, Japan and think the Asia trip is a very cool component of the program. I just returned from 3 weeks in Vietnam and it was amazing!!! I wanted to say if any of you are thinking of traveling post trip you should def check out Vietnam. And if you go there make sure to make a stop in Hoi An, its famous for tailors and I had an Italian wool suit made for 300 USD, great quality and can’t beat the price! Enjoy your trip!

    Joshua in Japan

  2. Thanks Josh! Great to hear you’ll be starting next fall! Give us a shout when you get settled in to Portland, our cohort would love to know you. It is always nice to have a little overlap! ^^

    I appreciate the recommendation to visit Vietnam. It is definitely on my list, but I’ll be going back to Korea. I lived there for two years before moving to Portland, and I’d like to see my friends – the two days on our itinerary are just too full!

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