The Case for Case Studies

Part of the MIM program involves Case Studies.  For those of you who don’t know, case studies were made popular by the Harvard School of Business, and are a basic write-up of a problem a company faces.  It covers the history of the company and then proceeds into the details of what the current operations are and the situation they are in.  As a graduate student it is your job to decipher what the next steps the company should take.  What exactly this means relies on both your interpretation of the case and the current problem the company faces.  After reading, it is required that you answer several questions regarding the appropriate steps the company should take and where they have gone wrong.  We have read a myriad of case studies so far; I have written interpretations ranging from how to streamline production processes to how a company can become more sustainable.  Overall the professors in the MIM program use case studies to provide a real life example of a problem, as well as present a story that helps you remember the concepts you are taught in class.

Personally I enjoy the case study method because it provides a memorable way to understand and retain what we talk about in class.  Also I feel that it gives on the job experience while we are still in the classroom.  For me, it develops critical thinking abilities while utilizing newfound business knowledge.  I believe it will provide a solid foundation for approaching problems when your boss calls on you to solve a problem or increase profitability.  So, that being said, check out some case studies!!!!



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