Student Profile: Joy Panjit Suwanyangyuen

I know everyone loves to read all about us, but we can’t leave the rest of the students in the program out!  That being the case, I present the first of many student profiles featuring information and advice from members of our cohort.

I would like you all to meet Panjit Suwanyangyuen, or as we in the MIM program know her, Joy.  Joy, a 26 year old advertising major from Thailand, came to the MIM program due to its global focus and to get an education to help her advance in her career. Also, she is very excited about the three week Asia trip this Fall.  We will be visiting Korea, Japan (where she can practice her Japanese language skills she has been learning in the program), and China, with time afterward for Joy to head home and visit family.  For all you applicants out there, Joy wants you to know “it is a very intensive program. It’s tough, but will be worth it for your future. Time management is essential.  Don’t worry too much, you will be fine.  American friends are nice, helpful and friendly.” Joy and I were in a group together for Global Business Strategy last term, glad to see she still thinks Americans are nice, helpful and friendly after working in a group with me.  All joking aside though she was great in providing a laugh, and excellent work on case studies.

Getting to know students like Joy and work alongside them in projects is one of the benefits of the MIM program.  If you are considering an international position, or merely want to gain a better understanding of working with different people, working in groups with those from other countries definitely helps.  Not only are you exposed to different opinions and approaches, but you learn how to communicate more effectively as well.  With ever increasing globalization, cross cultural communication is vital, and thanks to the collaboration with cohort members such as Joy, MIMers will be prepared to work in any group.

Thank you Joy!

– Adam


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