Back to school

Although it’s been boring nice to have a break from classes during the holiday season, I am definitely very ready to start again.  Winter term is another busy one.   We will also get a taste of what some of the other specializations will be like.  We already took one class in marketing, and that probably convinced several of my classmates to pursue that specialization.  But for many other students, this term will be an introduction to some of the other choices.

Winter term starts tomorrow and includes:

  • Global Business, Society and Ecology ( I’m expecting to learn a lot about sustainability here)
  • Managing Information Technology Globally
  • Comparative Operations Management (The introduction to the supply chain specialization)
  • Intercultural competence and communications (we take seminars in this for 4 terms)
  • Language

These classes last for just 8 weeks, so there will certainly by a lot to do!  But at the end, we know we’ll be headed out to Aisa for our 3-week field study (Japan-Korea-China)!  You can expect a lot more information about that as the time approaches!

As always, feel free to drop a question in the comments or send an email to Keep your eye on the blog for more opportunities to interact with us as you walk through the application process!


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