Portland Activities

Classes are over, grades are in, first term is officially in the books.  I finally have time to really enjoy the city and all it has to offer.  So far life in Portland has been great, the food the people and the pubs have not disappointed. In between studying and class I did manage to get out and really enjoy the benefits of being a Portlander.  During Thanksgiving I took a trip (only an hour and a half away!) to the famous Haystack Rock.  It is a sight you have to see in person to believe.  I mean really, how did a giant rock in the middle of the ocean get there?  Not only do you get great scenery, but it is a great escape and chance to enjoy the beach.  Then there is Mount Hood.    We got lucky this year; Mount Hood had enough snow for skiing and boarding beginning in November.  I recently visited Mount Hood Meadows (also only an hour and a half away) and again was very impressed.  My snowboarding abilities are a little rusty, but the view at the top of the lift is incredible.   The runs are wide open and it was a really good mountain for casual skiers and boarders.

Locally there are many things I plan on doing during the break.  I need to revisit Pittock Mansion.  It’s a great old-fashioned house that has one of the best views of the entire city of Portland.  Then there is the 4T trail, which boasts a tour of Portland by riding the tram, train, trolley, and hiking a trail.  I also hope to head to a Blazers game, and cheer for the home team (sans Oden much to the dismay of the Portland residents.)  Of course since Portland is the land of breweries I plan on touring one of Portland’s favorites, the Widmer brewery.

Overall there are quite a few things I have planned for the break, but above all it is to enjoy this great city and be thankful the MIM program led me here.  I have to say besides the education, living in Portland is one of the hidden benefits of being a member of the MIM program.  Come for a visit and check out the city.  If you are in the area let me know I would be happy to try one of the many street cart vendors or sample a local pub with you.  Let me know what I am missing, leave a comment and tell me about the best places to be in Portland!

– Adam


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