A month without class? What will I do!?

We finally wrap up the first term this week. It sure will be nice to lounge around with no responsibility spend some time focusing on other projects!  My major goal is to continue practicing Chinese.  We’ve been studying intensively for the past 2 months, but with a 4 week hiatus, I’m afraid I’ll loose it over Christmas.  Now it is finally time to get around to using that ChinesePod subscription!

Geography of Thought Cover

I also have a few books on my list.  I read The Geography of Thought when I fist moved to Korea in 2006, and found it really helpful as I tried to understand the culture shock I was experiencing.  The book discusses lots of research into cognitive habits of Westerners and Easterners.  Aristotle and Confucius saw the world in wildly different ways, and it has certainly affected modern thought patterns.

Just one interesting example mentioned is that Western babies learn nouns at a much faster rate than Easter babies.  Conversely, Eastern babies learn verbs more rapidly.  Understanding the underlying linguistic relationships helps to inform the philosophical framework (and vice versa).

Finally, as ambassadors, Patrick, Adam and I are also excited to spend the next few weeks developing some exciting ideas for connecting to future applicants…stay tuned!

We hope you’re enjoying the holidays, but don’t hesitate to email us: askmim@pdx.edu with any questions!

-Austin (吾旻)


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