Creative Scheduling and the Age of the Pacific Lecture Series

Being as the MIM program is an accelerated program, the degree coordinators had to get a little creative with how to fit all of the necessary classes into 15 months for full-time students.  After this first quarter, we’ve gotten to see the full range of said creativity, with our Global Business Strategy course, of which we completed half of this term, our Intercultural Competency and Communication course, and the Age of the Pacific Lecture Series.  Essentially, for these classes, we take the class over the course of multiple quarters – two of the eight total classes now, two in winter, two in spring and so on, for example.  One of the most interesting courses spread out like this for me has been the Age of the Pacific Lecture Series.  It’s organized so that there’s a lecture about once a month from a thought leader in the field of business, or a related field pertaining to the Asia Pacific region.  The thing about this class though, is that we don’t register for it until next fall, and had our first assignment for this class before our other classes started this fall.  While at times it seemed as though the work we had to do for this class was piled on at inconvenient times, the content of these lectures has been thoroughly enjoyable, and provided a kind of sneak-peak at the kinds of things that we might be able to do with our degrees when we’re done with the program.

We had our last Age of the Pacific Lecture (AOP) this past Monday, and Patrice Thramer, the Global Director of Employee Marketplaces and Intrapreneurship at Nike was our guest speaker.  She spoke about the new WE Portal that Nike is launching, which is effectively a social network for employees that tracks and encourages social action, volunteering in local communities and activism for the betterment of those in need.  I thought that this was a fantastic idea for a program – one that utilizes that effectiveness of social media, and people’s natural gravitation towards that kind of medium, and focusing it on something altruistic.  Further, I’m excited to see how this program grows, and to see the impact that it has on communities all over the world.

More than anything, these AOP lectures help me to see a real world application of what we’re learning in the MIM – how these assignments and readings translate into jobs and practical use.  As I haven’t spent much time in the professional working environment, I still have a fairly narrow opinion of what I think a job can be, so any chance I can get to see someone doing something they love that goes outside of the conventional set of what a job “should” be, I get even more excited to get out there and find that job that’s right for me.  There’s more to come, as far as the AOP lectures are concerned, and we’ll keep you posted!




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