Chinese Final Here I Come

Wednesday December 2nd, CHINESE FINALS BEGIN!

Today the beginning Chinese class has part one of our two-part final.  We must present a ten minute conversation with our assigned partner.  Our conversations include the very basics of Chinese we learned on day one, to the complex sentences we are now able to form.  We must ask our partner about their family, how many brothers and sisters they have, where they are from, their Chinese hometown, their place of work, phone number, what they are studying, what they like to drink and eat, where they go on business trips, and a myriad of other questions many thought they would never be able to ask on their first day.

Tomorrow is the individual presentation.  It is much of the same content as Wednesday’s conversation, but really gives us a chance to shine and demonstrate our individual knowledge of the language.  On top of vocabulary, we must also discuss the map of China naming all of the provinces and capitals as well as the special administrative districts and any other facts we have about the map.

I have really enjoyed Chinese class this term and learned tons of new business vocabulary.  I can even carry on a bsaic conversation with our fellow Chinese students!  I am really excited about next term as we will learn everything we need to know for our Asia trip.  Hopefully by the end of next term I can bargain prices with the best of them.

If you are ever interested in a language class send us a message at and we can arrange a sit in on one of our language classes.

Wish us luck!

– Adam


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