First Quarter Home Stretch

You might have heard that the fall term is finished almost over.   MIM is an accelerated program, so while the University operates with 10-11 week quarters, we finish most of our coursework in 8 weeks.  Language classes continue through to the end, and we squeeze in add some seminars in intercultural competence and communications facilitated by Anne Marie Lei.

The real challenge in the next few days will be a 10-minute oral presentation in Chinese class.  Most of us started Chinese with zero knowledge of the language before MIM.  老石 (Teacher) has been cramming stuffing our brains with lots and lots of vocabulary.  It works!  Admittedly, it is frustrating at times, but we are all very proud of the progress we have made.  To give you a little taste, here is a video (with subtitles) recorded after about 4 weeks of class.

太好了! Awesome, isn’t it?

Our YouTube channel is a great place to visit to see more examples of our language study.  When I was thinking about applying to MIM, I was really curious about how effective the language classes would be.  I know from first-hand experience that living in a country is perhaps the best way to learn a foreign language.  I was a little apprehensive that I could learn an Asian language in an American classroom.  I hope that our videos will show off our skills prove how skilled our teachers are!


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