Chinese or Japanese?

A special attribute of the MIM program is the exciting opportunity to start learning a new language. As part of your core courses you will take around nine months of intensive Business Chinese or Business Japanese. Each language has beginning, intermediate and advanced levels to fit everyone’s proficiency and all Chinese speaking students have to take Japanese (Japanese speaking students have to take Chinese).

Last year, I chose the beginning Business Chinese and I am sad to say that my nine months of class are over. Looking back, I am amazed at how much I learned. I am able to speak with my Chinese classmates on a basic level and I was comfortable traveling by myself in China after our Asia Trip. In the year end final, I gave a 10 minute presentation on myself and my family, my trip to China, my job and school and what I want to do after graduation. I took the HSK test (a standard Chinese proficiency test) and passed both levels one and two. Oh yeah, I also learned how to recognize, write and type about 300 characters. Now comes the really hard part… not forgetting all that I have learned!

If you have any questions about the language classes, let me know.



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