MIM Specializations

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Hey all,

One of the cool things about the MIM program is that students take all the great strategic business classes with an Asia Pacific Rim focus PLUS they get to SPECIALIZE in an area of interest. The MIM program offers a specialization in four areas of international business: Global Marketing, International Corporate Financial Management, Global Supply Chain Management and Global Corporate Sustainability.

Global Marketing digs into the best strategies for a successful cross cultural marketing campaign.

International Corporate Financial Management gives students the skills to achieve an international company’s financial goals.

Global Supply Chain Management prepares students to adapt to fast pace changes in the global market place including logistics and sourcing.

Global Corporate Sustainability teaches students the skills to improve an international company’s triple bottom line (economic, social, environmental).

I am in the Global Corporate Sustainability track and my first elective class is tons of fun. I am taking Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. It is a really hands on class where we learn how to successfully innovate by researching other social entrepreneurs and seeing how their models of success can be adapted to our own ideas. We then have the task of creating a market entry strategy for our own social enterprise. Lets just say my great idea will improve public health in developing countries, starting with China.

These electives are a real opportunity for the student to step outside their comfort zone and take risks to see how high they can reach. It is also great to have a specialization on your resume that differentiates yourself from the others.

If you have any questions about MIM specializations or any other questions about the MIM program, feel free to check out the website or send us an email askmim@pdx.edu.




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