Spring Term Deliverables

Hello Everyone,

Just as I thought that this program couldn’t get any more difficult…spring term came around, and I am realizing what difficult really means! Many of you have asked more specifically about what students are expected to produce in the program, so I thought I would let you know what papers and projects I am/will be working on.

Chinese: 5 minute presentation every other day using new vocabulary, one dictation every week to test comprehension, 5-10 new characters everyday, 10 minute presentation final and 20 minute conversation final.

Contemporary Asian Pacific Rim History and Politics: approx. 150 pages of reading every week, one group case study analysis every week (5 pages), one group presentation (15 mins.), final exam (essay based)

Global Human Resources Management: approx. 150 pages of reading every week, midterm and final (essay based), group project (HR poster about a specific country)

*International Finance and Investment: approx. 100 pages of reading every week, one group presentation (45 mins), four group case analysis (24 pages), an extensive finance problem every week, final (problems, multiple choice and essay)

*Global Law and Ethics: approx. 100-200 pages of reading every week, one individual paper (700 words), one group presentation (15 mins), midterm and final (multiple choice and essay)

* 1st year part time student classesr

PHEW…just listing it all out makes my head spin! Luckily, all of these classes, readings, papers and presentations are interesting and useful. They not only build on what I have learned in the program so far, but they allow me to practice how to make relevant business decisions. All of the cases that we use in this program are based upon real companies and real issues, so the examples we use are current and (to a degree) tangible.

I know it seems like a lot of work…well, it is a lot of work, but I am enjoying every minute of it and I know that I am compiling a tool box of sought after business skills that I will use in my future career.

Off to class now, so I’ll check you all later!



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