Finals Week

Finals week is almost over…YAY!! I have really enjoyed my classes this term and am a bit sad they are over, but happy to move on. Just to give you an idea, my schedule this term was:

Tuesday: Chinese 10:15-11:30am, Global IT Management 12:30-5pm, Global Sustainability, Ecology and Business 5:30pm-10pm

Wednesday: Chinese 10:15-11:30am

Thursday: Chinese 10:15-11:30am, International Operations Management 5:30-10pm

Friday: Chinese 10:15-11:30am

I also had two Intercultural Communications classes and two Age of the Pacific Lectures spread out throughout the term.

The MIM program is definitely a time commitment. Sometimes it seams that getting everything done will be impossible, but it all comes together in the end. I think that the closeness of the cohort, your classmates, really help you get through the crunch times and succeed in all of your tasks.

Well, two more finals left for me(Chinese and Operations)then off to Asia! I better start studying!



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