Crunch Time

Wow, only one and a half weeks left until we go on the Asia Trip! Life is getting a little crazy trying to study for finals, finish papers and projects, get ready to be gone for a month and packing one 50lb bag for 3 weeks!! It will be a nice feeling when we are on the plane and all these items are checked off the list.

The Asia Trip is a very unique aspect of the MIM program. It is a 3 week long adventure, where full time and 2nd year part time students visit Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing and Shanghai. Along with cultural experiences we get to visit various businesses and factories, meet with international business leaders in each city and have specialized lectures about doing business in Asia.

This year we will be visitng:

Hino Motor Company, Tokyo
Kewpei Corporation, Tokyo
Hyundai Motor, Seoul
Twinhead International Corporation, Shanghai
Sunrex Technology Corporation, Shanghai
Wistron Corporation, Shanghai

It is going to be a great trip and I am really excited to experience these wonderful opportunities! Jack and I will definitely keep you posted.



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