ASK MIM: All you need to know about the Masters of International Management Program

Hey All,

Are you interested in joining the MIM program? Want to learn more?

It was not long ago that we started the process of researching and selecting a graduate program to prepare us to meet the challenges in the new global economy.

There are so many reasons why the MIM program is such a great opportunity. First and foremost, we strongly feel that the curriculum in the program is as good as any other in the nation. Our professors are experienced and dynamic. Many of our classmates are international students, providing all of us with a diverse leaning environment. The foreign language training reflects the international aspect of this program. To cap it all off, we get to travel to Asia for a three week field study. This program has challenged us in every aspect and the results are rewarding. We are continually learning invaluable skills for our future careers in International Business.

As full time students, we feel very closely connected to our cohort, our program, and faculty members. We would like to invite you to speak with us about any questions you may have about the program. Let us share our exciting experiences with you. There are several ways to get a hold of us.

Feel free to:

Email us at,

Chat with us on Facebook, or

Check us out on the MIM Blog

The Master of International Management program is definitely the right choice for us and the skills we are gaining through classes, teamwork and cultural understandings will continue to open doors for us throughout the rest of our lives. We hope to hear from you soon!


Jack & Casey

Jack Chiu and Casey Cleary
Master of International Management Degree Candidates 2009
Portland State University


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